VELOFLEX Record clincher


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  No Compromise! That’s the keyword to describe Veloflex’s Record clincher tires. A clincher created to beat all the records, thanks to its feather-light weight, outstanding grip and cornering stability. The full diamond tread pattern will push you to the extreme while cornering without ever losing traction and control. The 350 thread per inch corespun casing allows the lowest possible weight without compromising strength,  and comfort. Perfect for time trial, record, hill climbs and track competitions.

Use Time trial, fast hill climbing, record attempts, track
Sizes 700 x 23
Weight 145 grams
TPI 350 Threads Per Inch (120/cm)
Pressure 9/10 bar (130/145)
Protection Belt Calicot puncture resistant layer
Casing Compressed Pes/Co corespun cotton
Rubber tread Natural rubber exclusive compound
Mileage Front 2,000 km – Rear 1,000 km


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