TUFO Valve Extenders


Available sizes:
20mm silver
30mm silver
40mm silver
50mm silver
60mm silver
70mm silver
100mm silver
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For high profile rims. The advantage of this type of valve extender is that the valve core is protruding from the rim, not the hollow end of an extender, adjustment of tire pressure, either inflation or deflation due to the fact that the valve core can be manually opened or closed, no matter how deep the rim is. Extensions are equipped with a rubber O ring seal, no Teflon tape is required. Tufo valve extenders are available in sizes 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm sand super long 100mm. Stainless steel valve extenders (s/s) are available in 30mm length, All can be stacked for even greater length.     CALCULATE VALVE EXTENDER LENGTH (https://www.tufotires.com/valve_extender_sizing_info.html)


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