Challenge Latex tube


Available in 2 sizes 700 x 19/28 and 700 x 29/38 both with a 47 mm valve stem containing  a removable valve core allowing for the use of extenders

Lighter, more puncture resistant, improved rolling resistance and more speed

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Latex is suppler than butyl, which means that latex inner tubes adopt faster to the changing shape of the tire while cornering and rolling. Latex can also expand up to 8 times its original size, while butyl is limited to an expansion of around 1.5 times its size. Overall this higher flexibility leads to more speed (improved rolling resistance) and more comfort than a standard butyl tube. As latex is also lighter, these inner tubes can help save weight. The ability of latex to stretch and deform easily makes these inner tubes much more difficult to puncture. Many riders now use latex sealants for additional protection, which works well with latex inner tubes.



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