Kit contains 1 60ml bottle of Blue Doc sealant & 1 50ml bottle of Easy Fit installation liquid.

Schwalbe has developed a tire specifically for the sport of triathlon. Ambitious triathletes today use special time trial bikes and aerodynamically optimized wheels. The new Schwalbe Ironman is optimized for this set-up. In the optional tubeless version, it is particularly fast and puncture resistant. The 22 mm wide: wind tunnel tests have proved this to be the perfect width for aerodynamically optimized wheels. Saves plenty of power: On the 180 kilometer bike segment at speeds of around 40 km/h the riders will need to produce an average of 300 watts. The new tire size reduces this by about ten watts. That equates to a time saving of a full three minutes!

700 x 22 / 700 x 24 tube type & tubeless


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