The 2015 MICHELIN PRO4 Service Course COMPETITION tire offers the best performance for competition with  better adhesion, and excellent anti-flat protection and exceptional efficiency.

Featurers lower rolling resistance, better wear and the better grip thanks to the new BiCompound technology .The center of the tread featurers a compound mixture with more rigidity, the sidewall compound offers more grip. 
Tire offers excellent protection against flats thanks to its HDProtection belt at the summit of the tread .

Tires feature an anti flat belt *(HD Protection) which offers 10 % more resistance to flats. New Casing which provides 3 X 110 tpi construction, the Bi Compound offers 30% more grip in wet conditions, width optimized for more grip turns.

MICHELIN Bi-Compound

Bi-compound, is the association of two mixtures of different rubber on a tread! ð The rubber compound in the center of the tread assure the optimal transmission of the torque, that is if it's the traction when pedaling or when braking. These rubber compound are designed and optimized to resist to wear, but also help braking in complete safety on wet ground.

ð The rubber compound at the edges of the tread, bring a maximum of performance and safety when leaning in a curve or a turn, with a exceptional level of grip on dry as well that on wet ground

Inventor of the Bi-Compound in 1995, Michelin R&D continues to improve year after year the performance of his rubber compound and proposes them in every tire benefiting of the Technology Bi-Coumpound, for a maximum of grip and wear resistance for the demanding cyclist.

The technology HD Protection consists of textile crossed reinforcements of High Density

The HD Protection technology insures the best compromise between excellent puncture resistance and low rolling resistance, without penalizing the weight of tires Michelin Competition tires.

Inventor of the HD Protection and was introduces in competition in 1986, Michelin R&D continues to improve year after year the performance of its reinforcements anti flats and proposes them in all the Michelin tires benefiting from the technology HD Protection.

Michelin also proposes variants according to the usage:

HD Protection Aramide for a usage in difficult conditions.

HD Protection Bead2Bead for a usage cyclosportiff.

The brand new 2016 Michelin Pro 4 V2 Service Course tire is designed to provide ultimate performance in all conditions. This tire delivers the perfect balance between hi performance and increased tread life. Michelin have been able to simultaneously enhance the speed, safety and agility of this new tire while also reducing rolling resistance, compared to the  Pro 3 Race.

Michelin's testing has revealed the Michelin Pro 4 tire is not only safer, but is also an average of 16% faster when cornering on wet road surfaces. Michelin have achieved this by introducing their new optimized dual-compound technology. This technology features wider lateral bands for optimal grip at all angles of lean and new compounds incorporating new elastomers and silica for extra grip at the shoulders

Tire features an internal puncture resistant belt.


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