Maggie, rescued from Little Shelter on Long Island, a bag of bones, scared of everything, shaking like a leaf.

Maggie & Ralph (Maggie needed a pal) Ralph was rescued from Second Chance Humane Society in Ohio

at the beach Ralph & Maggie in their tracking harnesses

excavating in the yard

Ralphie fighting burn out

Newest addition

Goober found tied to a pole, starving & left to die, the boy needed a home. He was also saved by Second Chance in Ohio

Goober on the mend

happier days ahead

things are looking up

Goober at the beach busy tracking clams & seaweed

all the hounds at the beach

blizzard of 2010 Ralph busy searching

Maggie, no particular place to go, but as always, in a big hurry to get there

Goober very busy on the trail of the magic snowflake

home cooking for the hounds

lots of food needed