Front and rear tires have different tasks. Steering and braking forces are transmitted on the front, while the rear transmits the driving forces and bears the majority of the cyclist's weight. Subsequently, the two tires in the Continental tire positioning system (TPS) have been designed differently.

The tread compound of the GP Attack (front) is designed for excellent grip, both on dry and wet roads. The GP Attack provides good cornering stability when heading down hot mountain roads in the summer, and holds the road superbly when racing along rainy stretches in the autumn. With a width of 22mm, sharp corners are a breeze and this narrower dimension also keeps air resistance and weight down to a minimum.

On the rear wheel, GP Force guarantees superior power transmission. 24mm wide, consisting of an ultra fine nylon fabric and protected from punctures by a double breaker belt under the tread, it embodies the strength of Continental racing tires.

The GP Force is constructed for high mileage performance. Traction and cornering behavior remains stable for thousands of racing kilometers.

Available either as a system or separately, all black & some colors


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